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Annotation 2020-06-05 132351

PatentSight Analysis

The patent landscape of Medical Ventilators

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The Medical Ventilators Market in times of Covid-19

A closer look in to the industry to find out leaders developing the strongest portfolios in this technology. medical ventilators have become the most essential life-saving equipment for patients with Covid-19 related respiratory problems. The severity and global spread of the virus have already created a situation of health emergency where most countries are facing huge demand of medical ventilators and a tremendously low availability of the same. Thus, at this crucial juncture it is important to identify the key players in the field of Medical ventilators who can effectively speed up the supply chain of this current front-line essential item.

This paper contains an analysis of the top players in this market with respect to the quality of their portfolios. Read the full use case to find out which companies are leading in the Medical Ventilators technology space.