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Use Cases and Best Practices in IP Analytics
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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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PatentSight Use Case

Gaining Insights for Investment Decisions with Advanced Patent Analytics

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Looking into the Digital Crystal Ball

Patent intelligence has become indispensable for knowledge-focused companies hoping to gain an edge over their competitors, but it is also a source of invaluable insights for investment decisions. Importantly, with the right solutions at hand, IP analytics can not only reveal a company’s past drivers of success in terms of key technologies but also provide a glimpse into the company’s future.

In addition to uncovering prospective licensing opportunities, litigation threats and M&A leads, sophisticated patent analytic tools can be used to evaluate the innovative strength of a company’s portfolio, which can be used to assess its business potential.

In this whitepaper, an in-depth study of the patent holdings of Palantir – one of Silicon Valley’s most mysterious and successful companies – shows how advanced patent analytics can help investors stay ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring the future business potential of technology companies.