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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Global Innovation Leaders

PatentSight Report

Top 100 Global Innovation Leaders

In Digitization of Applied Technologies

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Who are the most innovative companies in the world?
How do we find them?

Digitization is affecting all the technologies at an alarming rate.

With increasing developments in IoT or the Internet of things, our world is becoming more digital everyday. Disruptive innovation in many major areas is now unimaginable without digital processes. It influences almost every daily-use products and the processes both for individuals as well as companies. One major aspect of digitization is that it unfolds increased efficiency in interaction with other technologies. Thus, digitization permeates classic technologies and leads to innovation. This ranking shows who is leading the digital penetration of future technologies in this race, and who is decisively influencing the global innovation landscape, today. This ranking has been developed based on patent analytics, using scientifically validated measures.

Major topics covered in this report:

  • Top 100 Global Innovation Leaders
  • Top 50 US Companies
  • Top 20 Companies from China, Germany, Japan & South Korea
  • Industry Focused Top 25 Ranking and deep dives into:
    • Autonomous Driving
    • Medical Technology
    • Robotics
  • and more..

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