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Digital Aliens in Autonomous Driving

Monitoring and evaluation of own and competitor patents is crucial for companies and research institutions to spot new market actors and changes of known enterprises. Future competitors and potential business and acquisition partners can thus be identified in time.

However, traditional approaches often fail due to insufficient data, inefficient data processing and a lack of advanced technology. The big picture is not clearly visible, with misinterpretations as a consequence. This white paper describes a new approach to the usage of patent data in advanced patent analytics.

PatentSight – a LexisNexis company – offers a sophisticated tool which grants access to high quality data at the right point in time. An easy-to-use interface provides huge amounts of information which can be quickly accessed and visualized. PatentSight closes the gap between IP departments and decision-makers by delivering insights that are both significant and comprehensible. Boards and executives get exactly the information they need for strategic decisions, whilst data scientists are able to immerse deeply into excellent prepared data for research.