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Already in its fourth year, the PatentSight Summit is one of the biggest and most valuable Intellectual Property events in Europe. The summit is attended by influential participants and outstanding speakers. 

New in 2019: the launch of the PatentSight Academy

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Development of patent departments:

  • The evolution of patent departments

  • Organizational challenges for patent departments 

  • How to leverage a company's intellectual assets in new offerings and business models

  • How to utilize patent analytics setting up an Intellectual Property  strategy


Tech trends:

  • The global artificial intelligence innovation landscape 

  • The latest in autonomous driving


Trends in Intellectual Property solutions:

  • The challenges of different similarity search approaches

  • Technology clustering: from landscapes to 3D clustering

  • On the way to the perfect IP software ecosystem


(Topics are subject to change)

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Key facts of the PatentSight Summit



Best Practice and Use Cases from:

  • Agfa
  • Asahi Kasei
  • AWA
  • Bosch
  • Eaton
  • EconSight
  • Electrolux
  • European Commission
  • Kellogg School of Management
  • Konsert
  • KPMG Law
  • Philips
  • RELX Group
  • Signify


In 2018 more than 180 decision-makers and experts attended the PatentSight Summit.

  • Chief IP Counsels
  • Heads of IP/ Patents
  • Heads of Patent Analytics
  • Heads of Patent Search
  • Heads of Patent Management
  • Heads of Product Development
  • Heads of Innovation
  • Heads of Information Intelligence
  • Patent Analysts
  • Patent Counsel
  • Patent Information Professionals
  • Leading Patent Scientists
  • Officials from International Patent Offices


16 May 2019:
9:00 to 17:00 conference
17:00 to 21:00 Networking event with boat cruise on the River Rhine.

17 May 2019:
9:00 to 15:00 conference

Parallel slot:

Patent analysis in practice
Launch of PatentSight Academy

(Schedule is subject to change)


Speaker panel 2019

Dr. Edmond Balidemaj
Senior IP Intelligence Analyst
at Philips
IP Analysis at Philips IP&S 2.0. What’s different?
More about Edmond Balidemaj

Edmond is involved in patent analytics for strategic business decisions related to mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, risk analyses and IP generation. He is mainly involved in medical diagnostic and treatment modalities such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Image-Guided Therapy. Furthermore, he is an active member of the Analysis and Visualization team of the Patent Documentation Group.

Edmond has a master degree in Electrical Engineering from the TU Delft and a PhD degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam.
Birte Blichenberg
Birte Blichenberg
Manager Intellectual Property Intelligence
at Signify
IP Intelligence at Signify after the Divorce from Philips
More about Birte Blichenberg

Since 2016 Birte is Manager IP Intelligence at Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting. As member of the IP Intelligence team she supports the Signify IP and R&D activities in various fields: patentability and validity search, IP landscaping, IP risk assessments, company and market analysis, licensee compliance, IP and infringement scouting.

Birte has a sound background in biomedical engineering and is working for Philips / Signify since more than 10 years (2008). Before the split of Signify and Philips she worked as an IP Intelligence Analyst at Philips focussing on IP landscaping in lighting and healthcare related topics (since 2013).

Andreas Bong
Partner and Co-Head Legal Process & Technology at KPMG Law

Long Term Evaluation of KPI of European IP Departments

More about Andreas Bong

Andreas Bong has been with KPMG Law since September 2018, where he is responsible for the Legal Process & Technology solution. Previously, he spent ten years with a management consultancy specializing in strategic and organizational consulting for the Legal, Compliance and Intellectual Property in-house functions, most recently as Managing Partner.

He is among the authors of “IV. Otto Henning Intellectual Property Benchmarking Report 2018 / 19”

At the core of his interest is the development and optimization of the aforementioned in-house functions from an efficiency and risk perspective. Because only the holistic view of the legal functions in the end-to-end process of the company generates a comprehensive value creation and sustainably increases the reputation in the company.

Jens Boerdin - tie - square zoom - color
Jens Bördin
Co-Founder, Partner and CEO
at Konsert IP & Strategy
More about Jens Bördin

Jens co-founded Konsert Strategy & IP in 2006 and is an advisor in business-driven IP management, technology and innovation management, and leverage of intellectual assets. His experience includes leading C-level strategy projects, multi-year implementation projects and large-scale multilateral projects at and between multinational corporations and public research entities.

Dr. Sina Bunzendahl
IP Intelligence Analyst / Information Manager
at Robert Bosch GmbH

Smart Reports for Strategic Patent Portfolio Management

More about Sina Bunzendahl

Sina graduated with a PhD in organic chemistry from the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP)/Freie Universität Berlin in 2011 and completed her postdoctoral research at the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research in Switzerland in 2013 after being hired as a Patent & Scientific Analyst for biotechnology at Novartis.

Since 2015 she works for the Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart as an IP Analyst and serves as a Bosch delegate in the PDG (Patent Documentation Group) Retrieval & Evaluation working group (formally known as ONLINE).

Robin Cefai
Robin Cefai
Senior IP Attorney
at Eaton
IP Department 2.0
More about Robin Cefai

Robin has almost 20 years of experience in Intellectual Property from identification of patentable inventions to international licensing negotiations.

He worked in patent prosecution as well as litigations and spent 8 years focusing on creating and operating patent licensing programs out of Asia and Europe with regards to standard essential patents and non-standard essential patents. In Eaton, he manages the inventions from seven research centres.

Robin has a technical background: telecommunications, electronics and computer science and is a French and European Patent Attorney as well as a US Patent Agent. He worked in France, the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, London and now Vienna.

James Conley
Clinical Professor of Technology at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
More about James Conley

James is clinical professor of technology at Northwestern University. He serves on the faculty of both the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University. He is a faculty contributor in the Kellogg Center for Research in Technology & Innovation and serves as a Faculty Fellow at the Segal Design Institute (NU IDEA).

At present, he is also serving as a Visiting Professor in the chair of technology and innovation management at the WHU in Germany.

Beyond academia, he is an appointed member of the United States Department of Commerce Trademark Public Advisory Committee of the Patent and Trademark Office. James' research investigates the strategic use of intangible assets and intellectual properties to build and sustain competitive advantage.

Kai Gramke
Founder and CEO of EconSight

The Global Innovation Landscape of Artificial Intelligence
More about Kai Gramke

Kai Gramke is founder and CEO of EconSight. His company analyses the development and interplay of the major trends technological progress, globalisation and demographic change, as well as their impact on the economy, society and politics. The focus is on the political and social relevance of economic issues with the aim of "rethinking the economy". 

Kai has 20 years of experience in business and political consulting. His clients include the governments of Switzerland and Germany, the European institutions, international corporations as well as large think tanks, foundations and associations.

Monika Hanelt
Dr. Monika Hanelt
Patent Information Manager
at Agfa NV
More about Monika Hanelt

Dr. Monika Hanelt is the patent information manager, i.e. the head of the patent information specialists, of Agfa Gevaert Group in Belgium located in the intellectual property department. She joined the Belgian site in June 2002 as head of patent information bringing with her more than 20 years experience in that area at Agfa's German site in Leverkusen. She represents Agfa Graphics in several patent information user groups e.g. the Dutch WON, the Belgian BEPIUG and the PDG (Patent Documentation Group) of which she was a former president. In the BE delegation on IP5 level she covers patent information topics. She has been a highly respected speaker for many years at major international conferences and she gives the FTO-part of the Advanced Patent Information Course of the GO-course in the Netherlands.

Her background is in organic chemistry and she holds a German Diplom (master's degree) in chemistry and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cologne University.

Cyril Hariton
Economist at the Chief Competition Economist Team of the Directorate-General Competition
at the European Commission

More about Cyril Hariton

Cyril holds an engineering MSc from Ensica (Toulouse, France) and a PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse. He joined DG Competition in 2006 and, since then, has worked on numerous complex mergers and antitrust cases, as well as in cases in front of the European Court of Justice.

In particular, he has been heavily involved in the assessment of the merger between Dow and DuPont, and of the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer, in which patent data was used by the European Commission.

Speaker Ricoh - Hisashi Ishijima
Hisashi Ishijima
Deputy General Manager of IP Division  
at Ricoh Company Ltd.
IP Landscape and Strategy at Ricoh
More about Hisashi Ishijima

After joining Ricoh, Mr. Ishijima was assigned to the patent division and was responsible for the patent prosecution for copying machines and printers. From 1998 to 2001, he was dispatched as a patent representative to Ricoh’s US subsidiary in the state of New Jersey to set up its intellectual property management systems for the US market. 

After returning to Japan, he held position to manage patent prosecutions. Since 2011, he has been in charge of management of licensing and in 2014 he was appointed as General Manager.

Hanns Hallesius
Head of Group Intellectual Property
at Electrolux AB

Do You need Analytics to set a Patent Strategy?

More about Hanns Hallesius

Hanns Hallesius is currently heading the Patent activities of Electrolux Group, a leading global provider of powered home appliances, where he has held leading IP positions since 2006. In addition to the responsibility for everyday activities in the Patent area, he drives change in IP management, to align IP strategy and organisation with the business strategy of Electrolux Group in a changing business environment.

From 1994 to 2005, he has worked for IP law firm Awapatent, most of that time in management positions. His educational background includes an M. Sc. from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

Creighton Frommer
Creighton Frommer
Chief Counsel Intellectual Property
at RELX Group
Overcoming the Hurdles in Patenting Software
More about Creighton Frommer

RELX owns several information analytics businesses, including LexisNexis and Elsevier, along with Reed Exhibitions, a leading trade show and event management business.

He and his international team at RELX manage the company's hundreds of patent and patent applications and thousands of trademarks.  They also provide counsel on other IP transactional and dispute matters globally.

Prior to joining RELX in 2007, Creighton worked in private practice in technology and IP law.  And before that, he developed C++, Java, and perl software for over ten years in the logistics and cellular service industries.  A graduate of Georgia Tech in International Affairs, Creighton graduated law school from Georgia State University in 2005.

Creighton served on the Board and as President of the Association of Corporate Counsel, Georgia Chapter.  And he volunteers with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta and mentors law students through, and assisted with, the Georgia State University College of Law IP Advisory Board.

Martin Jansson
Senior IP Strategist
at AWA
Leveraging a Company's Intellectual Assets in new Offerings and Business Models

More about Martin Jansson

Martin Jansson is a Senior IP strategist within AWA Strategy. He specializes in developing IP strategies that effectively translates into business value. With a long background from Industry, Martin has extensive practical experience in strategic and operational IP portfolio management, and also how to manage and leverage a company's intellectual assets in new offerings and business models.

Further, he has been responsible for intellectual assets and IP in numerous innovation collaboration projects and partnerships. Martin is recognised on the IAM Strategy 300 list as a leading IP strategist.

Speaker Asahi Kasei - Sakae Nakamura
Sakae Nakamura
Principal Expert, Senior General Manager, Corporate IP, Corporate Research & Development
at Asahi Kasei Corporation
Current Perspective and Future of IP Landscape in Japan (tbd.)
More about Sakae Nakamura

Ms. Sakae Nakamura joined Asahi Kasei Corporation in 1985. After working at the research laboratory, she was transferred to Intellectual Property Department in 1989. She held a post in Technical Information Search Division of the Asahi Kasei Group established in 1998, and was promoted to director for the division in 2006.

She was appointed as Principal Expert of Asahi Kasei Group in October 2017. She holds current position since October 2018. In 2016 she received Japan Patent Office Commissioner’s award "Patent Information Human Resources Development Award" for her achievement in nurturing patent professionals and promoting patent information.

Speaker Asahi Kasei - Mio Kubota
Mio Kubota
Intellectual Property Analyst certified by AIPE, Manager, IP Strategic Planning Group, Corporate IP, Corporate Research & Development
at Asahi Kasei Corporation
Current Perspective and Future of IP Landscape in Japan (tbd.)
More about Mio Kubota

After joining Asahi Kasei Corporation, Ms. Mio Kubota engaged in research and development and business development in the field of polymers for 13 years. 

Since 2017 she has engaged in research and analysis of technical information at the Intellectual Property Department.  She is certified as Intellectual Property Analyst by the Intellectual Property Education Association.


New: Launch of the PatentSight Academy on May 17 

Valuable knowledge for the patent community

We would like to offer our customers and the entire patent community access to patent experts' knowledge — with a focus on advanced patent analytics. The PatentSight Academy will therefore operate in partnership with a range of acknowledged patent specialists from leading tech companies. We would like to offer you a multi-level education system through which you can steadily increase your knowledge in the field of patent analysis.


Tailord to your needs – the first seminar of the PatentSight Academy

If you are interested, please select your favorite potential topic and indicate your level of experience with PatentSight by filling out the registration form. At the Summit, we will cover the most popular session.


Patent Value Measures and Patent Indicators:A General Introduction

This session comprises an overview of commonly applied patent indicators that rely on data and information derived from patents. We cover purposes for the use of such patent indicators, their rationales, advantages, and limitations. Moreover, we cover various measures used to discern more from less valuable patents. For this purpose, we trace the historical development of patent analytics.

PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software:A General Introduction

The PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software is the leading analytics tool for patent analytics. This session comprises a first glimpse into the software. We show the interface, learn how to tag patents, insert patents in bulk, conduct first analyses, create charts and tables, and export the data so that we may combine it with other (internal) data, e.g. on firm or technology performance.

PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software:Benchmarking

In this session, we identify firms’ positions compared to their competitors. We track the quality and quantity trends in patent portfolios, review corporate interrelations, compare international filing and protection strategies, and monitor competitors’ research and development as well as patenting activities.

PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software:Trend Scouting

Among the key tasks for competitive intelligence is the identification of new technologies for firms that have the power to disrupt incumbents and their businesses. In this session, we will learn how to spot such firms or technological trends by analyzing changes in patenting structures and patterns. Based on various case studies, we will conduct predictive analytics to see how smart patent indicators allow to predict technological changes.

PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software: Portfolio Management

Portfolio management refers to entire patent portfolios and how to deal with them. Hence, we learn how to support decisions on whether to maintain patent families or patent rights. We learn how to increase the overall patent portfolio quality and save patent maintenance costs by detecting candidate patent families for pruning.

Advanced Patent Analytics with PatentSight: Similarity Search

For purposes such as competitive intelligence tasks, you may wish to find patents similar to some focal patents. Hence, PatentSight developed the similarity search as an advanced option to identify and select patents with comparable characteristics. In this session, we learn how to conduct and refine such searches using the PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics software.

Participation in the launch seminar for the PatentSight Academy is free of charge.PatentSight Summit 2019 registration


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