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A Deep Dive into Global Developments in AI

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The Patent Landscape of Artificial Intelligence

Global developments, fields of application, drivers of innovation and world-class research

This study has been prepared by EconSight in co-operation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and leading global patent analytics solutions provider PatentSight – a LexisNexis company.

The primary aim of the study is to define the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies over time. Existing research about the field was found to be lacking in a comprehensive and detailed definition of AI, the scope of the technology and a deeper understanding of its different sub-technologies. Patent Analysis has been used to perform a deep-dive into the year-on-year development of different sub-technologies that fall under the broad scope of this field. PatentSight provided the requisite data and tools in order to perform the study. Using the software, patents belonging to the specific technology field of AI were analyzed. These results are presented and interpreted in this study.

The development of the 3 main sub technologies viz. Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning have been analyzed in detail, using patent data from patents that have been filed all over the world under the respective technology classes. The study concludes by providing a detailed understanding of the field, its current stage of development and also a profile on various countries and their endeavors in AI technology.