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Risk Assessment

The responsibilities of companies’ patent departments involve monitoring risks. Typically, risk mitigation tasks take considerable time and effort to avoid:

  • Being unaware of an up-and-coming competitor
  • Missing out on important technological trends
  • Threats from non-practicing entities (NPEs)
  • Patent infringements, particularly on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
Risk Assessment

"A validation study we performed showed that PatentSight spots disruptive technology, early on."

Head of Patent Analysis
Leading Oil Company


Successfully mitigate risks that can harm your IP department and business.

Misinterpreting or being unaware of a competitor's entry into a core technology space, overlooking important trends or making wrong decisions can cause considerable damage.

Keep track of your competitors in your recent and potential technology fields

Imagine that a competitor has been filing strongly for the past 5 years and is building the largest portfolio in one of your core technology fields, like GE did in the tech field of Additive Manufacturing. LexisNexis PatentSight helps you identify filing increments with ease.

Watch filing increases in GE's portfolio in the tech field of Additive manufacturing

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Stay updated on current technology trends

Detect new players as they enter your markets early on. Watch the example below to see how Apple entered and disrupted the wristwatch market. PatentSight enables you to constantly keep track of any developments in any technological area.

Watch Apple conquer the watch market

HubSpot Video


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Identify NPEs in your technology field

NPEs can be a threat to your entire business. In particular, patents that are held by NPEs and get heavily cited, indicate a potential threat for the citing companies.

  • PatentSight's unique search filters allow you to quickly identify NPEs and evaluate the size, focus and importance of their patent portfolio.

Identify NPEs in your technology field


  • Determine NPE patents that represent the most relevant prior art to your key technology.

Determine NPE patents that represent prior art technology


  • Then drill down to all the relevant patent details, with just one click in PatentSight.

PatentSight patent result list


Identify the biggest SEP holders in your competitive environment

Are those SEPs held mainly by a small group of companies or is the distribution more diverse? Quickly identify the companies that you are dealing with, on standard essential patents.

Identify the biggest SEP holders

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