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Andreas Lübbering
Andreas Lübbering
Senior Customer Success Manager
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company
Sarbani Chattopadhyay
Dr. Sarbani Chattopadhyay
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company

How to get the most out of the New Feature “Syntax Mode”  Command Line Interface

The quality and accuracy of insights that can be drawn from patents depend, largely, on the appropriate formulation of the search criteria used to find all the patents that area relevant to the analysis. The latest addition of a command line option to the PatentSight BI gives more power and flexibility to the 'searcher' by letting you refine the search criteria, combine different search criteria and save them for later use. Join this User Webinar to learn how the Syntax mode in PatentSight can be effectively used for a more seamless, efficient and satisfying search experience.

What you will learn in this webinar:
  • Basic introduction to the Syntax mode: How to use it and how to transition between the previously used Graphical User Interface and the new Command Line Interface.
  • How to refine, combine and save the Search Criteria.
  • How to set up Patent Monitoring feature in PatentSight using the Syntax mode.
  • How to transfer searches from other tools into PatentSight.

If you do not have a PatentSight license, this webinar is accessible upon request.