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The global migration of IP

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Gene Quinn
Gene Quinn
William Mansfield Books Round
William Mansfield
Director of Consulting and Customer Success
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Dirk Caspary
Senior Consultant
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company
MIke McLean
Mike McLean
Ex-SVP Technology

It is well understood that most of the technology products of the world are not ultimately produced in the same country from which the inventions themselves originated. For e.g. in the case of LED and lithium-ion batteries (LIB) the early stages of development of the technology were conducted in US/JP/EU, then adopted and scaled in KR/TW, and are now being manufactured in CN. This migration of manufacturing locations implies a similar migration of the respective IP that was developed. For e.g. in the case of LED, the IP of the semiconductor LED aspects originated in US/JP/EU, but with manufacturing moving to China the complementary IP is now being developed here today, as well.

The aim of this webinar is to show how this migration pattern for two (LED and LIB) technologies can be understood from the development of IP portfolios at these locations and find a candidate for the "next technology to move". The conclusions are all drawn from advanced patent analytics using high quality patent data and scientifically proven patent quality metrics.

Using our proven metrics, in this webinar, the presenters examine and discuss: 

  • patent ownership data and why data accuracy is extremely important for reliable analytics
  • companies that own strong portfolios in LED and LIB technologies
  • the origin of these patents; and portfolios in this technology that significantly grew in countries to which manufacturing transitioned
  • how to identify another technology that is ready for a migration in its manufacturing hub