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Staying Relevant with Blockbuster Technologies

Learn about the best strategies to protect blockbuster technologies


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Sarbani Chattopadhyay
Dr. Sarbani Chattapdhyay
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company
Gene Quinn

Founder and CEO of IPWatchdog
Kae Gruner
Associate General Counsel at Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC

About the Webinar

Over the last decades the world has seen a range of commercially successful products. Especially in the pharma sector blockbuster drugs yield exceedingly high revenues. The main reason for the commercial success of these products is the fact that the underlying active ingredient was and still is protected by patents. Hence, the drug can be sold exclusively. After these patents reach their 20 year maximum lifetime, usually, cheaper generics enter the market drastically decreasing revenue for the original drug. To tackle the effects of such patent cliffs companies try to extend the patent protection of their blockbuster technology. In this webinar, we will have a look at the most common strategies and how to spot them.

Join our webinar to find out:

  • How to identify relevant patent cliffs
  • How to map patents to products
  • Common ways to extend the patent protection of a technology
  • How to identify these extension strategies

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