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Patent Analytics at International Patent Offices - Challenges and Expectations

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Dr. Nigel Clarke
Dr. Nigel Clarke
Head of IP Knowledge Research
European Patent Office
Theodor Nyfeler
Theodor Nyfeler
Deputy Head Patent Department, Head Patent and Technology Searches
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Chris Harrison
Christopher Harrison
Head of IP Analytics and Data Insights
UK Intellectual Property Office
Oleg Ena
Oleg Ena
Director of the Project Office
Federal Institute of Industrial Property/ Russian Patent Office

Patent data contains a wealth of information that is of great value to innovators, business leaders, and policymakers. The intelligence and insights that can be derived from this data help to promote innovation and drive progress more efficiently. With a significant increase in patent applications and existing publications (3.3 million patent applications in 2018 according to WIPO), there is a growing demand for information from patent office’s customers, not only in the field of search but also in the field of analytics.

During this panel discussion with department heads of international patent offices, we talked about the following:

  • What is the respective mandate of the patent offices?
  • What are the offerings and free or paid services around patent analytics which can be obtained from these offices?
  • What are the requirements of the patent offices' customers?
  • What challenges do the patent offices currently face and what solutions do they see for the future?