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Innovation in the Age of COVID-19

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Panel Discussion: Innovation in the age of Covid19

In this special two-hour webinar, panelists sought to remove speculation and lift the veil by discussing what is really transpiring within the Innovation landscape. They also discussed what universities are doing and how private sector biopharma companies are responding. This tragic event is leading to a flood of new innovation and getting long term public policy right will matter for the next wave, whether that is a resurgence of COVID-19 or for the next pandemic, whatever that may be.

Discussion points:

  • How university labs working with the private sector on a multitude of COVID-19 cures and treatments.
  • What it really takes to develop vaccines, drugs, treatments and whether enough incentive and proper incentive exists long term beyond this acute and rapid response to COVID-19.
  • The financial investment required and regulatory hurdles to getting a vaccine to market.
  • Why the rigidity of antitrust laws are not adopted to address such close collaborations among competitors, and what companies need to know.
  • Why there has been a deemphasis on medical diagnostics research in the United States and what Congress, the courts and the USPTO should do.