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Chasing technology 'unicorns' – How to spot acquisition targets early on

A closer look at the acquisition of Zoox by Amazon

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Gene Quinn
Gene Quinn
William Mansfield Books Round
William Mansfield
Director Consulting and Customer Success
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company

In this webinar, patent data from patents belonging to the technology field of  Autonomous Driving were studied and analysed in order to explain – why Amazon decided to acquire Zoox for approx. $1.2 billion! Apart from that our presenters also discussed other unicorn companies in this field that would make for great acquisition targets.

Since it is a common practice to file for patents much (at least 1-2 years) ahead of actual product roll-out, analysing patent data can help us in finding the crémé de la crémé of innovation leaders. Be it a small, obscure/unheard of company (like Zoox Inc.) that was only a fledgling start-up until a few years ago, or an established automotive OEM (like Volvo Cars) that have made revolutionary advances into a new technology, to generate a viable return on innovation investment on their research expenses they have to file for patents to protect their rights . 

Using our proven metrics, in this webinar, the presenters examine and discuss: 

  • an overview analysis of the Autonomous Driving patent landscape
  • a comparison of selected automotive OEMs and their portfolio in Autonomous Driving
  • a break-down analysis of Zoox's patent portfolio in Autonomous Driving
  • the specifics of Amazon's patent portfolio in Autonomous Driving before and after the acquisition
  • implications for the automotive industry and other Autonomous Driving unicorns like Zoox Inc.

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