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PatentSight's Innovation Analytics Solutions

Find the perfect solution tailored to your needs

Strategic consulting
 Strategic Consulting

Our team of consultants enable innovation leaders in the strategic patent analysis along the entire IP Lifecycle including R&D strategybenchmarkingportfolio managementlicensingM&A and the identification of trends/disruptive technologies.


For organizations with an active interest in monitoring innovation, our powerful, easy-to-use, Analytics Platform delivers quick answers in a way accessible to both top management and IP experts in a wide range of applications. 


Get the most valuable insights from your analyses by working with frequently updated, highly structured and harmonized PatentSight data. What's more, integrating our API into your analytics systems means allows you to take advantage of our proprietary qualitative metrics.

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Join innovation leaders from around the world

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Choose the best plan for your company 

PatentSight® Essentials

Gateway to the world of patent analytics

Turn IP information into analytic driven insights

  • Comprehensive patent database:
    Harmonized global patent ownership data
    Accurate legal status information
    Full-text (English), Images, pdf
    Annuity fee information

  • Analytical capabilities:
    Industry-proven templates for many use cases
    Include own data in analytics
    Create analytics workflows
    Quantitative measures

  • 1 Reader user

  • Customer support:
    Basic support

  • Limited access per seat:
    saved searches
    custom data fields
    maximum patent families per analysis

  • Alerts:
    Per User: 3
    Max. alert target: 50k patent families



For data driven organizations

Enable advanced data-driven intelligence

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • Additional analytical metrics

  • PatentSight Smart Reports

  • Export Presentation

  • Alerts

  • ... a lot of valuable features to come

  • * Coming soon
    to PatentSight

Add-on Features and Roles

Smart reports

Smart Reports

  • C-Suite ready insightful  presentations in 4 easy steps
  • Leverage custom use-case templates, no previous analytics experience required
  • Fine-tune the content for your presentation based on various parameters 

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export presentation

Export Presentation

  • Export your analyses as professional looking reports, in no time
  • Export includes editable charts with embedded data
  • Pre-load your corporate branded presentation template

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Reader User

      • Effortlessly access workbooks with up-to-date results
      • Fully locked search field to avoid errors
      • Best suited for recipients of high-level analytical insights

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Reviewer User

  • Insert custom comments and review notes to completed analyses
  • Drill-down deeper into results of curated workbooks
  • Streamline intra-departmental workflows while maintaining access controls

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PatentSight enables close collaboration with internal stakeholders

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PatentSight's tailor-made plans to drive progress


PatentSight Essentials

PatentSight Enterprise

PatentSight +*

Comprehensive patent database

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Access to full-text patent documents

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Patent Asset Index™

Only sorting result lists by Patent Asset Index™

Advanced metrics including the  Patent Asset Index™

Advanced metrics including the  Patent Asset Index™

Additional user roles

1x Reader 

2x Reader

3x Reader, 1x Reviewer



Per User: 3
Max. alert target: 50k patent families

Per User: 10
Max. alert target: 500k patent families

Per User: 15
Max. alert target: 500k patent families

Dedicated customer success support

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Additional data volume

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 1@6x-3

Artboard 1@6x-3

Smart Reports

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 1@6x-3

Export Presentation

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 2@8x

Artboard 1@6x-3

Bespoke Solutions

Benefit from our strategic consulting expertise

Rely on the expertise of our consulting team for strategic patent analyses along the entire IP lifecycle. Our experienced consultants help you with everything from R&D strategy, benchmarkingportfolio managementlicensingM&A, to the identification of trends/disruptive technologies.

A typical consultation begins with you defining the field of application and the desired scope. After completion of our analysis, you receive the project results within a pre-defined period of time. Later, during a detailed consultation, you receive the requisite background knowledge and an in-depth explanation of the underlying analysis as well as the results and recommendations for further action.

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Explore the innovation landscape with PatentSight's API

The PatentSight API is designed to integrate high quality, harmonized global patent data with your innovation solutions or intelligence platforms. The API taps into one of the world's largest, regularly updated, patent databases.

The integration with our API makes this world-class patent data, along with our proprietary qualitative metrics, readily available to researchers, developers, data analysts and provides competitive analysis functions to enable the exploration of new trends and patterns in the global innovation landscape. Click the link below to try out a sample version of our API and find out how it works.

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