European Commission’s DG-Comp Relies on LexisNexis PatentSight when Evaluating Anti-trust Cases in Mergers

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on Dec 17, 2019 5:55:27 PM

In an international tender, the EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition selected LexisNexis® PatentSight® and its business intelligence analytics software as the patent data and patent analytics provider.

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Statista – the Global No. 1 Business Data Platform relies on patent data provided by LexisNexis PatentSight

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on Oct 7, 2019 1:17:56 PM

LexisNexis PatentSight forges strategic partnership with leading online statistics provider Statista.

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LexisNexis PatentSight – a strategic patent analytics platform – wins prestigious SIIA CODiE award for “Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution”

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on Jun 13, 2019 1:14:13 PM

CODiE Judge endorses capabilities of PatentSight, calling it "breathtaking".

HORSHAM, PENN June 13, 2019 LexisNexis IP, today announced that LexisNexis PatentSight won the 2019 SIIA CODiE Awards being the “Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution”. In total, five LexisNexis products in various categories were named finalists.

The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry's only peer-recognized awards program. Business technology leaders including senior executives, analysts, media, consultants and investors evaluate the best products, technologies, and services in software, information and business technology.

Nils Omland, founder and CEO of PatentSight said, “We are honored and humbled to receive this award. With additional data and improved AI technologies, we will continue to further develop PatentSight to provide unparalleled insights to our customers. We are determined to remain the benchmark in strategic patent analytics.”

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The Most Comprehensive Full-Text Patent Data in English Is Now Available within LexisNexis PatentSight®

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on May 10, 2019 3:25:00 PM

LexisNexis® IP has made its full-text patent data accessible within LexisNexis PatentSight for advanced patent analytics, revealing valuable insights for strategic IP management 

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Reed Tech Acquires PatentSight, a Provider of Analytics Solutions that Help Companies Monetize and Value IP Assets

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on May 16, 2018 11:40:00 AM

HORSHAM, Penn. — May 16, 2018 —  Reed Tech, a LexisNexisÒ Legal & Professional company, today announced the acquisition of PatentSight GmbH, a provider of analytics solutions that help patent professionals gain valuable insight into the strength, quality and relative value of patents and patent portfolios. PatentSight will become a part of the LexisNexis IP division of Reed Tech.

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Merger deals increasingly scrutinized using patent analysis

Posted by LexisNexis PatentSight team on Feb 19, 2018 11:41:00 AM

Bonn, Germany, February 2018. Patent metrics have increasingly been used to assess the innovative competitiveness of technology-oriented firms in recent years. The European Commission (EC) was no different when evaluating the Dow/DuPont merger. Interestingly enough, not only did the EC use qualitative patent analysis, they used it to identify specific Dow and DuPont business segments to be divested before any merger approval would be entertained. By using PatentSight’s Technology Relevance™, the EC was able to determine, with unprecedented precision, which products and business segments constituted a high potential in stifling innovation competition within certain markets.

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