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Looking into the Digital Crystal Ball

Gaining Insights for Investment Decisions with Advanced Patent Analytics

In this whitepaper, an in-depth study of the patent holdings of Palantir – one of Silicon Valley’s most mysterious and successful companies – shows how advanced patent analytics can help investors stay ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring the future business potential of technology companies.

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Microsoft leads, but the field is wide open

The Landscape of Machine Learning from a Patent Perspective

A look at the machine learning patent landscape shows that Microsoft and Alphabet currently hold the most - and highest quality - patents. However, the data also show that leadership positions can change very quickly in this rapidly developing technology field.

In particular Chinese companies are among the most prolific filers in this space, nevertheless their patents fall short in terms of impact and quality.

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Disruptive Technology Scouting

PatentSight Use Case on the Apple Watch

By developing a wearable device, Apple has undoubtedly succeeded in disrupting the watch market. With PatentSight’s metrics, 7 years before the product launch, it was already clear, that a hand full of Apple patents (out of more than 10,000) had grown in strength building heavily on the developments of Swiss watch makers.

While traditional Intellectual Property analytics more often appearing as jumbled hay stacks, new analytics and valuation methods provide a clear picture of the innovation landscape at a given point in time.

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Merger Deals scrutinized by Patent Analysis

EU Commission relies on PatentSight's analytics platform

The Dow-DuPont merger approval decision was largely influenced by patent portfolio analysis relying on evaluation metrics developed by PatentSight. The EU Commission used qualitative patent analysis to identify specific Dow and DuPont business segments to be divested before any merger approval would be entertained.

Learn more about how patent analysis can reveal the potential impact on innovation competition in merger evaluation.

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