Why is IP valuation indispensable to evaluating M&As?

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Why is IP valuation indispensable to evaluating M&As?

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William Mansfield Books
William Mansfield
Head of Consulting and Customer Success
LexisNexis® PatentSight®

The success of a proposed partnership or acquisition depends heavily on your ability to evaluate the target's technology competencies. Apart from inside sources, the only source of information that can provide insights into a company's technological inventory, is an analysis of its patent portfolio.

In this webinar we demonstrate how decision makers can objectively evaluate impending mergers or prospective acquisition targets based on the quality of their technologies. By taking a deep dive into some recent M&As that took place in the automotive industry, William shows you how easy it is to conduct a patent portfolio analysis to understand the after effects of a merger or acquisition, in terms of the resulting entity's technology competency.

Learn how to use patent analytics to search for and find acquisition targets that are specialists in developing specific technologies.

What you gain from this webinar:
  • exclusive insights into the Automotive market - with special focus on M&A's
  • weigh acquisition or merger targets according to technology criteria - explained in detail during the webinar
  • learn how to accurately evaluate your competition - based on their technological strength
  • interact with an expert and get answers to your questions about patent analytics
  • a preview of the powerful features of LexisNexis® PatentSight®