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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Assess the innovative competitiveness of technology-oriented firms

Use patent metrics to predict the potential impact of mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

PatentSight Analytics Platform offers a systematic approach to scan the worldwide technology landscape for suitable acquisition targets or partners that will enhance your or your clients' competitive position. Simply select the list of portfolios that need to be examined in detail, to fully understand the intrinsic value they hold within. Use PatentSight M&A analytics, to:

  • Study acquisition targets’ patent portfolios
  • Analyze innovation landscapes and technological fit
  • Find key patents within portfolios
  • Determine critical issues like average ages, remaining lifetimes or legal status
Mergers & Acquisitions

“We are grateful to PatentSight for their technical support during the Dow/DuPont investigation.”

European Commission's merger analysts

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Would the target's patent portfolio be an asset or a liability?

To ensure the success of an acquisition, the patent portfolios of the acquisition targets must be assessed for potential values, risks, and their technological fit. The Patent Asset Index™ helps in assessing patent quality and reveals the true strength of the players in technology fields, enabling decision-makers to identify the key patents that require your explicit attention. Avoid having to read all patents and save remarkable amounts of time by finding answers to important questions:

  • Are the targets particularly dependent on other competitors?
  • Would this expose you to potential litigation?
  • Do targets have patent that are highly influential in their industries?
  • Are the technologies of interest to certain competitors?

Answering these questions can highlight critical patent issues. Assessing the technological fit may yield additional gains from an acquisition, well beyond what can be found on balance sheets. With PatentSight Analytics Platform, you are just a few clicks away from answers to these and many other relevant questions.

Merger Deals Increasingly Scrutinized Using Patent Analysis

Merger deals increasingly scrutinized using patent analysis

The European Commission relies on qualitative patent analyses when evaluating mergers.

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Strategic Consulting

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