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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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- Innovation Ranking 2019 -

Are you among the most innovative companies of the world?

Considering Digitization as the Gamechanger

Innovation Ranking 2019 - fueled by Advanced Patent Analytics

In cooperation with EconSight, a Swiss based Consulting and Economic Research company, PatentSight developed a ranking of the Global Top 100 Digital Innovation Leaders. The ranking focuses on the patent portfolios of these companies from a qualitative perspective, making this a reliable ranking of the underlying technologies that these innovation leaders currently possess.

The ranking was developed using our award winning business intelligence software, and our scientifically proven & patented portfolio valuation metric, the Patent Asset Index™.

EconSight took this exercise further and extended the ranking to include the Top 1000 companies and their technologies too. Since they used our scientifically proven and globally trusted technology valuation metric, these rankings are completely unbiased.

Read the short version of how the ranking was created, below. The full version, in English, is being prepared and will be released to our website soon. So watch this space!

Who are the most innovative companies in the world?
How do we find them?

Digitization is affecting all the technologies at an alarming rate.

We live in an almost digital world. Disruptive innovation in many areas is unimaginable without digital processes. It influences almost every daily-use products and the processes of almost all the companies. One major aspect of digitization is that it unfolds increased efficiency in interaction with other technologies. Thus, digitization permeates classic technologies and leads to innovation. The ranking shows who in the race is leading the digital penetration of future technologies, and who is decisively influencing the global innovation landscape, today. This ranking has been developed based on the analysis of patent data.

IT companies compete with industrial companies for digital penetration

The focus of this analysis is on 'applied digitization'. We show which companies are particularly good at applying digital methods to established technologies. For this, we consider all future oriented topics such as medical technology, renewable energies, industry 4.0 and autonomous mobility.

The digital penetration of established technologies comes mainly from two directions. On the one hand, traditional industrial companies are expanding their digital expertise to improve their products and processes. Whereas on the other hand, IT companies are looking for concrete industrial applications for their digital know-how. The best example to demonstrate this effect is the technology of autonomous mobility, as can be witnessed from the competition in this segment where classic car manufacturers are struggling to succeed against new market entrants such as Alphabet and Intel, for the mobility of the future.

The Innovation Ranking - How to measure the drivers of applied digitization?

This innovation ranking was conceived by the Swiss consulting company EconSight, based on the patent data provided by PatentSight, using the PatentSight Business Intelligence analytics platform.

The analysis approach is based on three key findings:

  1. Networking: Everything new does not come from radically new technologies, rather from an intelligent combination of existing and new technologies.
  2. Digitization - the technology of the hour: Digitization is not an end in itself, but works only in conjunction with other technologies. Accordingly, great leaps are expected at the interface between digital and classic technologies.
  3. Dynamics: The speed of technological change and thus the disruptive potential of these technologies must be taken into account.

EconSight first identified and applied all the patents of the last 10 years that protected concepts that combined digitization and classic technologies. Subsequently, the patents were evaluated on the basis of their technological relevance (Technology Relevance™). This PatentSight indicator measures the importance of a patent based on the citations received by it from other patents (comparable to the citation system of scientific publications). To take into account the disruptive potential of these technologies, only citations received from patents of the past two years have been considered. Patents of one company that get increasingly cited by other companies in the recent past is usually a sign of high disruptive quality. In addition, the change in innovativeness was also taken into account. Companies not only have to maintain their innovative strength, but also continuously expand on it, in order to take a leading position in the ranking.

Overall, the ranking shows all the companies that are active and performing well at combining digitization and classic technologies. All the companies in the ranking are developing more and more relevant (cited) patents in this important area of the future. Some, however, have a much stronger dynamic and therefore jump many places over this short period of time. While there are others that did not perform well.

With this understanding of how we reached our final rankings, we invite you to find out your rank as an innovator among the Global 10000 innovators. We may also be able to help you find out in which technologies you have not been performing well and where your strength lies in. Click on the button below to request your rank.


Trustworthy Data

for reliable results

The foundation of our analytics offering is the quality of the patent data that is stored within our database. This is the main reason why our customers swear by our data. Our data has been thoroughly vetted and processed multiple times, by both our expert data research team and a tailor made in-house developed software.


  • Accurate analytics demand data of the highest quality
  • Clean data is reliable data
  • There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to quality

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Powerful Software

to perform complex analyses

Adding well prepared data to a powerful and easy-to-use software is a sure shot recipe for an award winning analytics product. That's precisely what we have cooked up for you! Through onboarding sessions, frequent webinars on new feature updates and with the continued support from our experienced team of consultants, our users learn all the in's and out's of the software, very quickly.  


  • Analyse and compare large portfolios quickly and with ease
  • Generate comprehensive graphs in a few clicks
  • Understand complex intra corporate relationships 

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Scientific Indicators

that reflect factual performance

How do you know you have the best technology without using accurate metrics to measure its quality? Our indicators were developed based on scientific theories and their scientific validity has been proven many times over.


  • Random metrics do not show the exact picture
  • Analyses that can augment strategic decision making
  • Increase the validity of reporting by using scientific indicators

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Interested to know your Global Innovation Rank?

Just click on the button below and reach out to us. Let's discuss more about how your digitization efforts stack-up against the world's innovation leader's.

Due to privacy concerns we are unable to make the ranking publicly available.

If you are interested to know exactly how EconSight created such a rank list, please click on the button below to contact us. We will gladly demonstrate our process and analytics to you via webex or telephone call or any other medium according to your convenience.