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Use Cases and Best Practices in IP Analytics
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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Increase the effectiveness of any Freedom to Operate analysis

Get faster and more reliable answers by effectively prioritizing the results of your FTO search.

Distinguish between active and inactive families with just one click.

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Reliably focus on a competitor or even non-practicing entities owned patents.

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Focus your work on patents with high competitive strength.

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Take a bird’s-eye view of search results to help prioritize activity

Do you have the freedom to operate a new product or plant in a certain market? This is a central use case for patent departments, patent law firms and R&D employees who want to carry out an initial review of a product idea, since the protection of their company against potential risks is one of their main tasks.

Advanced tools, such as TotalPatent One, enable you to perform sophisticated searches for related technologies, applications and products. But how do you make sense of the hundreds, if not thousands, of documents produced by such searches? PatentSight provides a bird’s-eye view of search results, helping you focus on what matters most.

Industry leaders trust PatentSight

procter and gamble
Knorr Bremse

How Siemens Increased Patent Portfolio Strength and Patent Income.

Customer Story based on an Interview with Beat Weibel, Chief IP Counsel at Siemens

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PatentSight® Enhances M&A Decision Making with IP Due Diligence Insights

How McBee, Moore and Vanik IP Enhance the Due Diligence Process for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Customer Story with C.G. Moore, Partner at McBee Moore & Vanik IP

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Import your search results into PatentSight to quickly and efficiently generate relevant results from your Freedom to Operate (FTO) search


Legal status

Quickly reduce the number of relevant patents by distinguishing between patents that are in-force, pending or inactive

With just one click in PatentSight, you can distinguish between all active, pending and inactive families and dramatically reduce the number of results immediately, as only active & granted and pending patents need to be considered for an FTO.

PatentSight Legal Status


Patent owner

Save time working with pre-corrected applicant data

Easily structure your search results into patents that belong to different owners and types of owners. Typically, the biggest threat for FTO results from patents owned by competitors. With PatentSight's ultimate owner data, you can reliably focus on competitor or even NPE owned patents.

PatentSight applicant matching


Patent Strength

Identify major obstacles as early as possible

You can further focus your work on patents with high competitive relevance both through overall search results and within a competitor’s patents identified through the search. Identify patents with the greatest threat potential to your planned projects as early as possible.

IP Landscape Benchmarking - Quality vs. Quantity

Drill down to all relevant patent details, with just one click in PatentSight.

Benefit from the combination of TotalPatent One and PatentSight Business Intelligence

Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your FTO and get faster and more reliable answers.

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PatentSight Business Intelligence

Our powerful, easy to use, Analytics Platform delivers quick insights in a way that is accessible to both top management and IP experts, through a wide array of applications.

Minimize risks in your IP department

Avoid missing important competitors or technology trends or going through time-consuming and costly litigation because of the infringement of NPE patents or SEP.  Rely on high-quality  patent data. 

Efficiently manage your patent portfolios

Stay on top of your patent portfolio at all times. Avoid wrong country filing strategies, high costs both for poor quality patents and across the entire patent management process. Be aware of upcoming patent cliffs.

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software

The powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform provides top management and professionals with quick and easy to understand answers in a variety of applications.

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PatentSight Data Quality

Excellent Data Quality

Excel at your tasks and get the most valuable insights from your analyses by getting up-to-date, highly structured, consistent and harmonized PatentSight data at your fingertips.

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Customer Success JP

Customer Success

Extract all the benefits of our Patent Analytics Services by working closely with a personal contact person, who is available to offer you the best support for your projects and queries at any time. 

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