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Use Cases and Best Practices in IP Analytics
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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Make smarter investment decisions based on Big Data innovation analytics


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Predict Future Trends

future trends

Don't miss out on important technology trends ‒ identify disruptive innovations and new players early on.

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Understand Companies and Technologies

Understand companies & technologies

Gain profound insights into technology landscapes or corporate strategies. Identify potentially impactful start-ups.

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Assess Risks and Opportunities

risks & opportunities

Perceive internal and external risks and opportunities that technology-driven companies are likely to face.

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How to make smarter investment decisions
with insights from patent analytics?


Unique insights from patent data

In a technology-driven global economy, patent protection has become crucial for companies to stay relevant and profitable. Investors can benefit from this vast amount of codified knowledge by gaining unique insights from patent data.

As patent data is publicly available, it sheds light on the R&D strategies of companies, irrespective of their secretiveness, sizes or publication requirements. Investors can identify the technologies and market segments companies are focusing on. This allows you to gain a better understanding of competitive environments from an innovation or technology perspective

Patents are future-oriented and possess high predictive power. Since the average time from patent to product is 2-5 years, patent data is frequently being used to identify technology trends and disruptive innovations early on. It can also be applied to identify potentially impactful start-ups or to assess the risks and opportunities that technology-driven companies are likely to face.

Comprehensive patent datasets for investors

GettyImages-885690024PatentSight provides comprehensive patent
datasets for investors. Our datasets include all
standard patent measures and our unique
innovation KPIs.


Longitudinal datasets with point in time history. All publicly listed
companies are mapped to financial identifiers to enable a direct inclusion into any data feed.

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How can insights from patent data improve your investment decisions?


You gain a better understanding of R&D strategy


You get better insights into competitive environment

You identify IP risks & potentials with ease

You are able to better assess the value of IP

Get direct access to High-Quality Patent Data

PatentSight API provides you with high-quality patent data, available for direct integration into your
dashboards and analytical systems.

Industry leaders trust PatentSight

procter and gamble
Knorr Bremse

How Siemens Increased Patent Portfolio Strength and Patent Income.

Customer Story based on an Interview with Beat Weibel, Chief IP Counsel at Siemens

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PatentSight® Enhances M&A Decision Making with IP Due Diligence Insights

How McBee, Moore and Vanik IP Enhance the Due Diligence Process for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Customer Story with C.G. Moore, Partner at McBee Moore & Vanik IP

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Unique insights into global patent portfolios

Portfolio Value Distribution

Uncover the most valuable patents in a company’s patent portfolio

Portfolio Value Distribution

Trend Scouting

Explore the development of global patent portfolios and identify technology trends

Trend Scouting

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark the innovative strengths of
companies against their competitors

Competitive Intelligence

Find the right solution to make more intelligent investment decisions

PatentSight's diverse product range exceeds investors' requirements and allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions that instantly add value to the investment decision making process.

PatentSight Analytics Platform

PatentSight Analytics Platform

PatentSight Analytics Platform is the leading innovation analytics platform (SAAS). Investors benefit from powerful data analyses and visualization capabilities. Use PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software for:
  • Fundamental company analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Trend scouting

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PatentSight Datasets for Investors

PatentSight Datasets for Investors

Best-in-class patent datasets for quantitative investors with unique innovation KPIs that are mapped to financial IDs for direct inclusion into your data feed. Use PatentSight datasets for:
  • Stock picking
  • Creation of trading signals

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PatentSight Expert Analyses

PatentSight Expert Analyses

Benefit from comprehensive IP analysis projects conducted by our inhouse patent expert team with longstanding experience. Private Equity investors, M&A advisors, and others rely on our consulting experience to support them with, for example:
  • Target search and Due Diligence
  • Business optimization

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The importance of IP due diligence

In a technology-oriented economy, IP assets have become a significant driver for business growth. It is therefore crucial for investors to fully understand the intellectual property of their target companies.

While the number of company transactions with substantial IP portfolios is steadily growing, investors are still underestimating the importance of a structured screening of companies’ IP assets.

Insufficient IP due diligence can lead to overvaluation of target companies, exposure to unknown risks associated with these IP portfolios or integration issues that might diminish synergy effects.


Get answers on the most common IP due diligence questions

  • Does the target company own all relevant patents?
  • Does the target company have a competitive advantage due to its patents?
  • Are there any potential IP risks such as patent cliffs involved?
  • Can the patents of the target company be potentially infringed?
  • Have the patent maintenance fees been paid?
  • What is the remaining lifetime of the patents?

Benefit from expert advisory by our in-house analyst team

  • More than 15 years of experience in strategic IP analysis for leading blue chip companies
  • Over 400 successfully delivered projects
  • More than 30 highly specialized professionals in business strategy, patent analysis and patent law
  • Our Directors are listed among the ‘iam Top 300 IP Strategists’

PatentSight Expert Analyses

PatentSight's analysis range meets the requirements, that investors have for information during the pre- and post-investment stages.

IP Due Diligence
Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Ownership Check: Patent identification; Assignee validation; Company assignment

Legal Status Check: Validity and remaining lifetime of patent portfolio

Portfolio Quality Check: Strengths & weaknesses of patent portfolio

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Peer Group Identification: Identification of peer group from technology point of view

Peer Group Benchmark: Benchmark of innovative strength of peer group

Competition Analysis: Positioning of target company in competitive environment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Ownership Risks: Does company fully own patent rights?

Litigation Risks: Is company building on own patents or competitor IP?

Portfolio Risks: Portfolio related risks, such as portfolio durability

Technology Field Analysis

Technology Field Analysis

Tech Field Conception: Building of tech field and identification of relevant patent portfolios

Company Identification: Identification of companies active in tech field

Company Benchmark: Comprehensive benchmark of companies active in tech field

Business Optimization
Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization

Value Distribution: Identification of relevant and non-relevant patents

Cost Calculator: Calculation of patent maintenance costs and saving potentials

Portfolio Strategy Optimization: How to exploit cost savings and better protect IP assets

Analyses for Sales Prospectus

Analyses for Sales Prospectus

Prospectus Support: Analyses to market a company’s R&D excellence and innovative strength

Synergy Effects Analysis: Identification of potential buyers with high IP synergy effects

PatentSight Use Case for Investors

An in-depth study of the patent holdings of Palantir – one of Silicon Valley’s most mysterious and successful companies.

Looking into the Digital Crystall Ball

Looking into the digital crystal ball

Gaining insights for investment decisions with advanced patent analytics

In this whitepaper, an in-depth study of the patent holdings of Palantir – one of Silicon Valley’s most mysterious and successful companies – shows how advanced patent analytics can help investors stay ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring the future business potential of technology companies.

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