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Why take the risk of basing your decision on incorrect or incomplete data, when you know that...

Excellent data quality is the foundation of reliable analyses

With PatentSight you will overcome the challenges of patent data quality:

  • Incomplete ownership information
  • Ambiguous legal status information
  • Errors: Incorrect translations and misspellings  
Excellent Data Quality is the Foundation of Reliable Analyses
"PatentSight provides the most reliable legal status and ownership information."
Vice President Patents
Leading Chemical Company


Why should you care about PatentSight data quality?

Watch our video to learn how PatentSight helps you to gain clarity about what is uncertain through accurate and up-to-date patent data:

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Find out the errors that the PatentSight data quality team identifies and corrects

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Accurate commercial owner tracking


PatentSight identifies patent ownership based on extensive research on corporate structure, M&A, Spin-offs, company names changes,  patent transactions amongst others.

Global patent data

PatentSight compiles bibliographic patent data from over 95 authorities worldwide and has the most comprehensive full-text patent data with over 100 million patent documents in English, approximately 700 million drawings and illustrations of inventions and nearly 100 million PDFs that are searchable (OCR) and quickly downloadable.

Checked for validity and remaining lifetime


PatentSight allows to focus the analysis on only those patents that  are still active, i.e. pending patent applications and valid patents.

Our data experts ensure that only the best data is used by PatentSight

Harmonization Team of PatentSight

To ensure state-of-the-art data quality, we have a highly-skilled team of experts focusing entirely and only on this task. PatentSight's Data Harmonization team members come from diverse backgrounds, with varying expertise in many areas of study, technological fields, and possess varied language skills.

This enables us to achieve data quality in patents filed in many languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Our Harmonization Team goes to great lengths to accurately determine:

  • Current accurate corporate structures: Since the patent might be owned by a subsidiary, but commercial power still lies at the group headquarters.
  • Mapping historical company name changes: The applicant name given by the patent office may not exist anymore, so patents registered under an older name need to be assigned to the actual owner.
  • Mergers & acquisitions: A patent may now be owned by an entity due to a corporate merger or acquisition that happened in the past. Successful mergers and acquisitions are studied by our researchers to assign patents to their correct ultimate owner.
  • Patent transactions: Individual patents being bought and sold are tracked and assigned to the company that ultimately buys it.
  • Misspellings: More often than many realize, official records include misspellings of assignees. These are corrected to avoid incorrect assignment of a patent.
  • Recognition of homonyms: Similar names used by multiple distinct companies, such as Merck, Universities etc.

A combined process of automated checks followed by manual quality control ensures that our data is highly accurate and reliable. This process is comprehensive and exceeds the harmonization requirements defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Benefit from

Multilingual research team

A specialized, multilingual research team in addition to proprietary software that ensure industry-leading data quality

Accurate patent data

Patents that are accurately assigned to their current ultimate commercial owner - taking into account global corporate structures, acquisitions, divestitures, name changes

Powerful search features

Powerful search features that let you select an entity's current assets quickly and easily

Worldwide legal status data

Comprehensive worldwide legal status data enables you to base your analyses on active patents only.

Reporting date concept

Reporting date concept: travel back in time and observe a patent landscape as it were, at a historical point in time

Historic data snapshot

Historic data snapshots: Analyze developments and backtest strategies free of hindsight bias

How to overcome the challenges of patent data quality using PatentSight

Patent data is publicly available and can be sourced from patent offices worldwide. However, the quality of the raw data, thus obtained, is insufficient. One common reason why analysts struggle to work with patent data is incomplete ownership information. Patents do not necessarily state the entity ultimately controlling them. They might be filed under various different names such as subsidiaries or inventors, making it almost impossible to create a holistic company profile. Without knowing which company has the commercial power over an invention, analyses become void.

Data in PatentSight is linked to the current ultimate owner, i.e. the entity that is on top of a corporate structure and exerts control over the patent and its underlying invention.

Global patent data assigned to the accurate commercial owner

PatentSight Ulitmate Owner Concept


Another problem with the raw data extracted from publicly available sources is ambiguous legal status information. Patents usually have a lifetime of 20 years. Yet, patents may go inactive well before they reach their maximum lifetime for reasons such as invalidation or lack of fee payments. Also, companies sell individual patents, entire business units, even merge or get acquired. Therefore, to produce reliable insights from patent data analytics, a complete tracking of ownership changes and the remaining lifetime of patents is required.

Patent data that has been checked for Legal Status and remaining lifetime

PatentSight Legal Status


Tracing data quality, particularly ownership and legal status information, allows to track corporate structures and also mergers and acquisitions by comparing pre- and post-merger technological and competitive landscapes.

Only complete and accurate patent data will help you answer these important questions:

Who owns the most patents in my technology?

Which companies are the top players?

Which companies are the new entrants in my market?

Whose patents are trending upward/downward in their overall quality?

What or How are my competitors doing, in terms of R&D?

Which companies were acquired by my competitors?

Which company ultimately owns the patents in my FTO search?

Which company could be an acquisition target for my company?

Which company cites my patents the most?

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