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by Carsten Guderian, on Apr 21, 2021 6:28:41 AM

Intellectual Property (IP) departments all over the world use large amounts of patent data to guide their strategic decision-making processes around corporate functions like legal, research and development, mergers and …

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Topics:"Patent Quality"legal statusIP Data QualityPatent ValuationPatent Asset IndexPatentBig Data

by Andreas Lübbering, on Nov 7, 2019 9:09:00 AM

As reported by Reuters on 24th October 2019, Tesla shares gained 17% last week, as the company managed to achieve their targeted profits for the quarter. Due to this gain, Tesla’s …

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Topics:"Trend scouting""Future""e-mobility""electric drivetrain""ev""electric propulsion"Tesla"Deep-dive""Solutions provider""BEV""electric vehicles"legal statusGeneral Motors

by Dr. Sarbani Chattopadhyay, on Oct 30, 2019 3:17:00 PM

Having seen in all of our previous blog posts on e-Mobility that more information is always better than little information, let’s take a look at the Top 20 patent owners …

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Topics:"Trend scouting""Future""e-mobility""electric drivetrain""electric propulsion""Deep-dive""Solutions provider""electric vehicles"legal status

by Dr. Sarbani Chattopadhyay, on Sep 13, 2019 10:14:00 AM

In the past weeks, we have learned who the main players (Top 20 patent owners) are, in terms of portfolio size, among firms developing e-Mobility technologies. We further ranked this …

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Topics:"Trend scouting""Future""e-mobility""electric drivetrain""ev""electric propulsion""Deep-dive""Solutions provider""BEV""electric vehicles"legal status

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