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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Will Intel eventually buy IBM Electronics?

Atomic Layer Deposition – Thin Layers are a big thing

Innovation Management in Times of Crisis: Budgets, Acquisitions, or Alternative Options? Insights from Patent Analytics

A Brief Patent Landscape of Chemical Companies

Data and Decisions: The risks in relying on inaccurate patent data

6 Common Patent Data Errors and How they Affect your Decisions

5 Consequences of Patent Data Errors: The Applicant Name Field

Patents in de-carbonization: Toyota leads in number,  Samsung ranks first in total strength (Patent Asset Index™)

Volvo Cars' Electrified Future

Apple talks to LIDAR suppliers … again

Sony’s acquisition of gate-all-around (GAA) transistor patents from Intel

France Brevets: Future-proofing the French tech industry with the help of advanced patent analytics

How Sanofi strengthened its position in pharmaceuticals through strategic M&A deals

Linking patent data and scientific research: The innovation accelerator we have all been looking for

The Medical Ventilators Market in times of Covid-19: An IP perspective from LexisNexis PatentSight and LexisNexis PatentAdvisor

Six key insights from patent analytics to help us understand why Amazon bought Zoox

Personal Protective Equipment: Unlikely heroes join forces to fulfill increased demands during COVID-19

Benchmark Analysis of KAIST & Seoul National University: in the fields of Machine Learning and Antibody

5G and SEP Benchmark: Updated

Study “World class patents in cutting-edge technologies” by Bertelsmann Stiftung is based on PatentSight’s refined patent data and scientifically developed quality metrics

Revealed: the billions to be spent on patent renewals in 2021 and beyond

Value-Driven Innovation Management - A closer look at the Top players

Value-Driven Innovation and Intellectual Property Management

How can insights from patent data improve your investment decisions?

Alzheimer’s Disease – who is still fighting the good fight?

Ford secures pole position among automakers in implementing Digital Technologies

Patent Analytics and Valuation for large Corporations only? Universities, SMEs, Investors, and Start-ups may benefit too… But how?

European Commission’s DG-Comp Relies on LexisNexis PatentSight when Evaluating Anti-trust Cases in Mergers

David swallows Goliath – Insights about AMS’ acquisition of OSRAM from a patent perspective

Tesla's shares overtake General Motors' - but how do their technologies differ?

e-Mobility technology - who's making it vs. who's buying it?

e-Mobility technology - how to predict the portfolio of your competition

e-Mobility technology - a final look at the top patent owners

e-Mobility technology - who owns the strongest patent portfolio?

China in Rare Earth Elements - top supplier, major patent developer, yet portfolio strength still a concern

Innovation in merger analysis - How the EU Commission evaluated the case of Bayer-Monsanto

USPTO grants patent for LexisNexis PatentSight

e-Mobility - why is knowing the legal status of patents important?

Patent portfolio evolution within the payment card industry - The American Express example

10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of Amazon's Patent Growth

e-Mobility - watch out traditional OEM's!

Autonomous Driving: how to judge strategic partnerships?

LexisNexis PatentSight Wins award for Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Software

IP Landscape of Foldable Display Technology: What are the key players focusing on?

Patent Portfolio Analysis of proposed FCA and Renault merger

Artificial Intelligence: Terminator is far from reality

How to use the Patent Asset Index™ for Patent Portfolio Benchmarking: IBM vs. Qualcomm (Use Case)

A case study of Palantir: Using advanced patent analytics to aid investment decisions

Insights into Medical Technology Field in light of planned GE Healthcare IPO

Samsung’s runaway lead in foldable displays by Patent Asset Index™

Israeli Innovation Leader - A patent analysis

Patent analysis reveals opportunities and concerns around the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Celgene merger

Tesla to buy Maxwell Technologies: an important technological edge in the battery market for electric cars

Application fields and active protection - A closer look at the top 20 Universities and Research centers

The Top 20 Most Innovative Chinese Universities

Roche up, Pfizer out - The Patent Asset Index™ for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patents

Alphabet’s patent landscape

PatentSight is now part of LexisNexis® IP

The Transformation into the New Takeda

Becton Dickinson secures itself as a healthcare innovation leader with Bard acquisition

Broadcom may have to pay more for Qualcomm’s superior innovation based on analysis by PatentSight

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