Trend & Disruptive Technology Scouting


  • Identify disruptive technologies
  • Reveal R&D trends
  • Explore complementary technologies


With PatentSight‘s Patent Asset Index™ -based trend metrics you can see important trends earlier and clearer than ever before.

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Spot upcoming competitors and disruptive innovations early on

The Patent Asset Index™ allows you to identify leading or even disruptive technologies from the plethora of patents out there. This holds true irrespective of whether you are analyzing a mature technology field, dominated by multinationals, or an emerging space pioneered by start-ups. You can spot a small start-up with a disruptive innovation early on - even if dozens of other players apply for many more patents in the same space.
The flexibility of PatentSight‘s analytics platform allows you to explore the patent landscape in any way you find insightful, or simply exploit our harmonized ownership and patent classification data to quickly find and analyze technologies of interest.

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