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A good R&D strategy is key to improve the innovation performance of nearly every technology driven company today.

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Often R&D strategy is not clearly defined or disconnected from business strategy. IP and patent departments are even sometimes still considered as a separate, more administrative unit, instead of being an integral part of R&D strategy. With PatentSight’s analytics, IP departments can position themselves as a value-added service, or even as a profit center, driving innovation and becoming a key contributor to business strategy. 

A natural first step when developing R&D strategy is competitive benchmarking, to identify the status quo and any USPs or gaps. PatentSight's analytics platform can quickly show your patent portfolio performance in terms of both quantity and quality over time compared to your peers with just a click, but this is just the start. With PatentSight it is simple to dig deeper, using intuitive drill downs to slice and dice the data and improve your R&D strategy with concrete actions. 
Our scientifically validated and industry proven Patent Asset Index™ methodology is not a black box, it can be quickly understood without any patent knowledge, simplifying communication between IP departments and senior management.

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