Portfolio Management

  • Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase portfolio efficiency
  • Define country filing strategy
  • Manage annuity costs with confidence
Patent Portfolio Management -Deciles Technology Relevance vs. Market Coverage


Before you can move forward, you need to know where you have been and where you are now. Being able to determine your portfolio's competitive strengths and weaknesses is key to understanding what strategies or actions will be necessary to get ahead of the competition. But, you shouldn't stop there. Are you filing in the right countries? Are you pruning your portfolio effectively enough to keep costs down while not sacrificing licensing potential? Are you pruning the right ones? Using the Patent Asset Index™, we can help you confidently manage your portfolio in ways you never thought were possible.

Optimize your international filing and pruning strategy

Combining the Patent Asset Index™ with reliable current ownership and legal status information, PatentSight‘s analytics platform allows a more in-depth analyses of any portfolio. Leveraging the drilldown options and export features the software reveals patents of little or no value that can be divested as well as opportunities to strengthen the portfolio around key technologies. International filing strategies can be optimized in the light of the IP landscapes in the respective countries and the behaviour of competitors.

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