Excellent data quality is the foundation of any analysis

Analyses delivered by PatentSight are regularly reported to top executives of leading companies. Our benchmarks are often featured in the shareholder annual reports of some of the world‘s largest corporations.


Data quality is our highest priority

We invest a considerable amount of resources to extract, transform, correct, and harmonize the various sources of raw patent data into highly structured, consistent data framework. Our experience and a passion for data quality enable us to excel at the task.


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Benefit from:

  • Specialized multilingual research team drawing on proprietary software to provide industry-leading data quality

  • Accurate harmonized current patent ownership information - takes into account for example global corporate structures, acquisitions, divestitures, name changes.

  • Quick and easy selection of an entity's current assets

  • Sophisticated worldwide legal status tracking, know what is active and what is not! This enables you to base your analysis on active patents only

  • Reporting date concept: travel back in time and see the patent world at any given point

  • Historic data snapshots: Analyze developments and backtest strategies free of hindsight bias

IP Landscape Benchmarking - Quality vs. Quantity

So much more than a great algorithm!

Although PatentSight does utilize several data science techniques to assist in our data quality assurance processes, it is not the only piece of the puzzle. Our highly trained staff of harmonization specialists comb through many sources to ascertain and verify which assignee name variations, subsidiaries and joint ventures constitute the make up of the ultimate owner today. For this reason alone, our clients have trusted PatentSight's analytics platform to provide them with the most accurate current ownership information available on the market.




What makes PatentSight's harmonized patent ownership unique?

It is well established that with most strategic analyses, it is important to have a clear understanding of the current ownership of those patents being assessed. However, searching for just an assignee name and its synonyms are not enough to paint a complete picture of all the patents under the control of a single entity. It requires a more holistic understanding of the history and the current make up of an entity in order to be as accurate as possible. This is why our Harmonization Team goes through great lengths to accurately determine:

Corporate structures: the patent might be owned by a subsidiary

Previous company names: the applicant name given by the patent office may not exist anymore

Mergers & acquisitions: the patent may now be owned by another entity due to a corporate merger or acquisition

Patent transactions: individual patents have been sold to a new owner

Misspellings: it occurs more often than many realize, but sometimes official records include misspellings of assignees

Recognition of homonyms: names used by multiple distinct companies, such as e.g. Merck



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