The Patent Asset Index™

An objective measure of global technological strength and influence

The Patent Asset Index™ takes into account both the number of active protected inventions and their quality. The method has been developed and validated in scientific research and has been used for several years by leading companies in many industries.



The Patent Asset Index™ at a glance:

  • Assesses the Technology Relevance and Market Coverage of the active patent families in a portfolio

  • Provides an objective measure of quality for comparison

  • It is based on many years of scientific research and validation studies

  • Transparent: Published in an academic journal for review

  • Developed and offered exclusively from PatentSight


Read more about the various application possibilities of the Patent Asset Index in our analyses done with PatentSight: PatentSight use cases

The Patent Asset Index™

The Patent Asset Index™ method allows the identification and profiling of the patent gems businesses can leverage to create value from innovation. Calculated at the patent level for maximum scalability, allowing analysis of the complete portfolio of a company, for a certain technology field, or a single patent. 

The Patent Asset Index™ is the heart of our analytics platform for strategic IP management and, therefore, a key component in everything we do for our clients. Being scientifically validated, industry leaders trust PatentSight to illustrate the strength of their patent portfolios in annual shareholder reports and other stakeholder communications. Perhaps you should too!


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