Certainly one of the easiest ways to generate a meaningful patent analysis report

With PatentSight Smart Reports, you can quickly create meaningful and accurate patent analysis reports. The result is a C-suite presentation-ready PowerPoint or PDF file. In addition, you can also save all the analyses of your report as a workbook in PatentSight BI and edit it in a truly flexible way.


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Fast but scientifically sound

PatentSight Smart Reports are based on a worldwide patent database renowned for its exceptional data quality. Accurate patent ownership and legal status data allow us to pinpoint the true corporate portfolios. With scientifically developed and industry-proven quality metrics the strength of patents is evaluated. Thus, PatentSight Smart Reports are ideal for business leaders to help discover new strategic insights about patent portfolios, technology fields, competitors and new market entrants.



Your benefits at a glance:

  • Super fast

  • Based on industry-proven analysis

  • C-Suite presentation ready

  • Totally flexibly editable results

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It takes you just a few minutes to impress others –

with C-level slides containing strategic insights


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Your benefits at a glance


In just four steps you create your individual patent analysis report – without any limits to the amount of data you can analyze. 

Fun to use

Impress colleagues and key decision-makers with previously unknown insights presented in an appealing report that is easy to understand.




Different analytics reports are available on companies, technologies or sets of patents and they can easily be customized.

Reliable and trusted

Ownership harmonization and up-to-date legal status information ensure your receive an accurate view of the patent landscape within your report.

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