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  • Identify acquisition targets and alternatives
  • Analyze technological fit
  • Find key patents and critical IP issues
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PatentSight‘s analytics platform offers a systematic way to scan the worldwide technology landscape for suitable acquisition targets or partners that will enhance your competitive situation. Once a list of potential targets is known, their portfolios can be examined in detail to fully understand the value they would bring.

Would the target's patent portfolio be an asset or a liability?

The patent portfolios of acquisition targets can be assessed for potential value or risk. The Patent Asset Index™ enables you to consider patent quality and reveals the true strength of each player in each field and identify the key patents you should be particularly concerned about. Does the target seem to be particularly dependent on another competitor? Would this expose you to potential litigation?  Does the target have intellectual property which is highly influential in the industry? Is it of interest to a certain competitor?  Answering these questions can elucidate critical IP issues or unexpected gains from an acquisition well beyond what can be found on a balance sheet. An assessment would not be complete without the ability to verify the legal status of the target‘s portfolio around the world. With PatentSight's analytics platform, you are just a few clicks away from the answers to these and many other burning questions.

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