IP Licensing & Monetization - External vs. Internal  Technology Relevance


  • Find your most valuable patents for licensing
  • Identify potential licensees
  • Pinpoint standard-relevant patents
  • Determine your leverageable position


PatentSight's analytics platform knows in detail the patent portfolios of all players in all technologies. With the Patent Asset Index™ you can evaluate the potential of any patent portfolio and identify individual patents which are most attractive for licensing. However, wouldn't it be great if you could also find potential licensees that may depend on these inventions? Well, with a few clicks, you can find them as well! Turning your IP department from a cost center into a profit center couldn't get any easier.

Find out which patents are most suitable for licensing?

We can help you find those entities which rely on your technology by analysing prior art citations, the majority of which originate from patent examiners. PatentSight utilizes the technical relationships, these highly trained and impartial industry experts identify, to understand which patents may be suitable for licensing and to whom. Our powerful analysis tools quickly reveal these relationships – even with players outside your industry. Potential licensing targets can subsequently be profiled with our software to gain more insight into their operations and potential willingness to pay.

Going further, PatentSight correlates information from standardization bodies, such as e.g. ETSI or ANSI, with patent data so that it is easy to pinpoint standard relevant patents and their current owners.

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