Analytics Platform for strategic IP management


Your benefits at a glance

Ensure profitability

Time is money. So, when some of our clients have saved as much as one man-year using our platform, perhaps you could save that and more! 

Identify valuable patents to license, bringing in additional revenue and turn your operation into a profit center.

Save on annual annuity payments by finding patents that are not critical for your success. 

Fun to use

Impress colleagues and key decision-makers with previously unknown insights.

Fast - with no limits to the amount of data you can analyze.

Easy to use - just drag & drop to create filters, reports and charts.

Flexible - analyze huge portfolios, complete technology fields or drill down to individual patents.


Create workflows and save or share them as pre-defined workbooks with your colleagues.

Export your analysis with just a few clicks to a solid presentation.

Easily integrate external data from internal lists or third-party software.

Custom Tagging enables you to define and categorize as you please. 

Reliable and trusted

Contributions from our patent experts, business scholars, IT engineers, and our science advisory board ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

Ownership harmonization and up-to-date legal status information ensure you are getting an accurate view of the patent landscape.

Enjoy outstanding support - We are only satisfied when you are.

Intuitive to use and completely customizable software

Praised by its users and internationally acclaimed

PatentSight provides its analytics platform as a service. We take care of weekly data updates as well as software and hardware maintenance. You access the service with any web browser.

The data content, analysis capabilities and other features of the software are continuously updated and enhanced.

We are proud that our software is praised by its users to be useful, intuitive, and fast.


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Why you can rely on PatentSight:

  • Unparalleld patent data quality

  • intuitive to use software

  • Facilitates communication between top management, IP experts and team members

  • Easy to interact with your IT and IP infrastructure

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  • Patent Asset Index™ as an objective measure of global technological strength and influence

  • Scientifically validated and industry proven

  • EU commission relies on PatentSight's analytics platform

Learn more about the EU commission's analysis