Reveal insights into any patent portfolio

Leading companies from numerous industries trust PatentSight to gain valuable insight into the strength, quality, and value of patent portfolios. PatentSight evaluates all worldwide patents using its scientifically developed methodology, the Patent Asset Index™. Using the index and its sub-metrics Technology Relevance™ and Market Coverage™, groundbreaking patents can be differentiated from low-value patents - a prerequisite for reliable patent analysis.

PatentSight enables its clients to gain a better understanding of the competitive forces in their business environment. Patent portfolios of competitors, suppliers, customers and new entrants can be analyzed to identify opportunities and threats. Disruptive technologies can be detected very early.

Our powerful, but easy to use, analytics platform delivers quick answers in a way accessible to both top management and IP experts in a wide array of applications.


R&D Strategy


  • Reveal R&D trends
  • Align IP and business strategy
  • Identify new entrants and potential partners
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  • Compare quantity and quality of any patent portfolios
  • Monitor portfolio strength and development of competitors
  • Track progress using industry proven KPIs
  • Raise awareness among your internal customers and Top Management
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Portfolio Management


  • Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase portfolio efficiency
  • Define country filing strategy
  • Manage annuity costs with confidence
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  • Find your most valuable patents for licensing
  • Identify potential licensees
  • Determine your leverageable position
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Mergers & Acquistions


  • Identify acquisition targets and alternatives
  • Analyze technological fit
  • Find key patents and critical IP issues
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  • Identify disruptive technologies
  • Spot promising start-ups
  • Gain competitive technological intelligence
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Benefit from our knowledge and experience

Regardless of the challenges you may face, we deliver unique, reliable, and relevant insights into the patent landscape enabling you to take advantage of every opportunity. We are a team of more than 50 highly educated individuals specializing in fields such as Business Strategy, Patent Analysis, Patent Law, Data Science, Software Design and Quality Assurance. We all share the same passion of providing you with the best patent analytics platform delivering the right information at the right moment. We thrive on your success. We work to make you smile!



  • Watch the IP landscape develop over time
  • Interactive and customizable charts
  • Drilldown from technology landscapes to corporate portfolios to individual patents
  • Unlimited processing power — analyze technology fields of any size
  • Enterprise-ready collaboration and work flow features
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  • Our directors and several team members are named in the "iam 300 Top IP Strategists"
  • More than 15 years experience in strategic patent analyzing projects for leading technology companies
  • Over 50 highly educated staff specializing in fields such as Business Strategy, Patent Analysis, Patent Law, Data Science, Software Design and Quality Assurance 
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  • Scientifically validated and industry proven around the world by the most innovative companies
  • Frequently cited in annual shareholder reports of many companies
  • 7 of the top 10 global chemical companies, 12 DAX corporations, government bodies and many companies rely on the Patent Asset Index™
  • Government bodies like the EU Commission and the Swiss Patent Office rely on the index and our platform
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  • Most accurate current patent ownership information — saves huge amounts of time on any analysis
  • Reliable and up-to-date legal status information — allows to base your analysis on active patents only, if you like.
  • Specialized research team drawing on proprietary software to provide industry-leading data quality
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Nils Omland, Founder and CEO

"PatentSight’s renowned Patent Asset IndexTM leads the way to objectively measure and compare patent portfolios, find valuable patents. With our consulting expertise and software platform, we can help you to become more effective in managing your patent portfolio, assess the competitive landscpe, find partners and licensing opportunities. PatentSight’s mission is to provide reliable, strategic insights into        patents and the innovation landscape."

PatentSight Summit 

Every year, we invite experts from leading innovation centers of the world, Patent Offices, Academic Institutions and others, to come together for a 2-day, patent valuation and analytics themed, strategic conference. This year, the Summit was attended by over 200 professionals from 14+ countries. Watch the video to see more from PatentSight Summit 2019.


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