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5th International PatentSight Summit

Use Cases and Best Practices in IP Analytics
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Global Innovation Ranking: Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies

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Gain competitive advantages through advanced patent analyses

Stay ahead of the competition and disruptive technologies

Competitive Intelligence

Monitor and analyze competitors' R&D strategies as well as competitive and technological landscapes. Identify emerging competitors and new entrants early so you can provide proactive recommendations for strategy to top management. Find answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the most active competitors and what are their strategies?
  • Who are new market entrants?
  • Who cooperates with whom, especially in new and emerging markets?
Competitive Intelligence

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We love to surprise you with invaluable insights into the competitive and technological landscapes in your field.

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Strengthen your competitive advantages and protect yourself against competitive activities

With advanced patents analytics, you have the opportunity to gain deep insights into your competitors' innovation strategies and the development of technology fields currently and potentially relevant to you.

Proactively strengthen and secure your competitive advantage. Anticipate competitive activities in early stages so that your company can adapt to new market situations prior to any negative business impacts.

PatentSight’s analytical and visual options grant you access to the relevant information you need for strategic decision-making, for example, related to benchmarking, portfolio management, market positioning, and technology foresight as part of competitive intelligence.

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All our projects have one thing in common: We quickly surprise our customers with previously unknown and invaluable insights on technologies, businesses, and patent portfolios.

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Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software

The powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform provides top management and professionals with quick and easy to understand answers in a variety of applications.

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PatentSight Data Quality

Excellent Data Quality

Excel at your tasks and get the most valuable insights from your analyses by getting up-to-date, highly structured, consistent and harmonized PatentSight data at your fingertips.

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Customer Success JP

Customer Success

Extract all the benefits of our Patent Analytics Services by working closely with a personal contact person, who is available to offer you the best support for your projects and queries at any time. 

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