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Use Cases and Best Practices in IP Analytics
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Streamline your IP Analytics Workflows


Access Controls to Enable Seamless Collaboration

Empower all the stakeholders in your workflow with user-specific access to your analyses on PatentSight. The easiest way for everyone to contribute to the Patent Review Cycle. Share entire workbooks and analyses with the broader team, allowing them to review the insights without fear of anyone introducing unintended changes to the search criteria or charts.

Empower the Stakeholders in your Patent Review Cycle
Restricted access profiles for stakeholders, without specialized search knowledge or content creation ability,
to contribute to the Patent Review Cycle.

Collaboration Workflows Graphic

Enterprise user functionality

Permissions to share workbooks with team members and grant individualized access rights. Workbooks can be shared by Enterprise users with stakeholders and offer any of the following three levels of access control to them:

  • Admin – view, modify and share
  • Write – view and modify, but not share
  • Read – view, but not modify
Enterprise User Functionality

Reviewer user functionality

Access workbooks that are ready for review and include comments or adjust search criteria according to the insights needed. A Reviewer user account grants users access to :

  • Add internal categorizations and personalized review notes
  • Filter search results using the enhanced search panel access with a predefined set of fields
Reviewer functions

Reader user functionality

Directly access all the insightful analyses created by your team within the PatentSight BI. A Reader user account is best suited for the following roles in an organization:

  • Head of IP/R&D/Technology, CTO etc.
  • Internal Consultants/Analysts
  • Other organizational decision makers interested in technology insights.
Reader functions

Collaboration within and outside of the Organization

Make it easy to collaborate and contribute for all the stakeholders in your organization. Assign user roles to ensure they receive the information they need with exactly the right permissions to enable them to perform their tasks effortlessly.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Collaboration within and outside of organization

More options to share insights from PatentSight

Smart Reports
Smart Reports

Generate C-suite ready presentation, without performing any analysis, in just 4 steps.

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Export Presentation
Export Presentation

Export your analyses as professional-looking Powerpoint reports, in no time.

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Choose roles that are best suited for your organizational structure