International Rollout of the PatentSight Academy:

Moving into the DACH Region

The next PatentSight Academy will be in Basel, Switzerland, on November 13, 2019. Join us for insights into patent analytics on Portfolio Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

We will meet in the Turmhaus at Aeschenplatz 2 in downtown Basel to learn about the importance of patent portfolio management, ownership and legal status information, how to assess and adjust patent portfolios, licensing options, and more. In addition to learning sessions, we will jointly apply our newly-learnt insights to conduct some analytics using the PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software.

The agenda may be downloaded here.

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Valuable Knowledge for the Patent Community

With our brand-new educational program, the PatentSight Academy offers PatentSight customers as well as the entire patent community access to patent experts’ knowledge in advanced patent analytics. Particular focus will be set on the opportunities and methods associated with these insightful strategic means.


  • Increase your knowledge in big data patent analytics

  • Training provided by recognized patent experts

  • International training courses as of 2020


Increase your knowledge in big data patent analytics

The PatentSight Academy is an interactive educational program, integrating various levels of experience. As participants, we offer you a multi-level education system through which you can steadily increase your knowledge in the fields of patent analyses, predictive analytics, patent valuation, business value creation via patents, patent strategies, and more. This will support your intellectual property management, business value creation, and patent leverage.


Training provided by recognized patent experts

The PatentSight Academy partners with a range of acknowledged patent specialists, ranging from academic speakers to leading technology company representatives, and PatentSight experts.


International training courses as of 2020

Whilst the start of the PatentSight Academy program is going to be in Germany in 2019, international events are planned as of 2020.

Impressions of the first PatentSight Academy

The PatentSight Academy was launched during the PatentSight Summit 2019.

Learn more about the Launch Seminar

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Carsten Guderian

Senior Project Leader

Dr. Susann Lüdtke, née Grune


Choose your preferred topic and setting

PatentSight Academy Settings and Topics

The PatentSight Academy’s activities comprises various modes, locations, and topics. Courses on various levels of advancement will be offered so that interesting sessions become available for everyone regardless of your previous knowledge and experience. 




  • (On-site) Seminars

  • Webinars

  • Online trainings

  • Business breakfasts

  • Guest lectures

  • Lectureships



  • Intellectual Property and Patents

  • Patent Management and Patent Departments

  • Business Value in Patents

  • Patent Indicators and Patent Value Measures

  • Intellectual Property Lifecyle

  • Benchmarking

  • Portfolio Management

  • Trend Scouting

  • M&A and Licensing

  • R&D Strategy

  • Advanced Analytics: Similarity Search

Increase your expert knowledge

Your Benefits

  • Increase your knowledge in patent analytics, on topics such as the fields of:

- Patent analyses

- Predictive analytics

- Patent valuation

- Business value creation via patents

- Patent management strategies

  • Learn how to operate the PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software and interpret the results

  • Support your intellectual property management and patent leverage

  • Network with other patent professionals

  • Collaborative learning with other users and PatentSight employees

  • Boost your career with customized training

Who should Attend

The PatentSight Academy is open for participation to anyone interested in topics such as patent analytics, PatentSight, and the Business Intelligence Analytics Software. This is a good opportunity for junior as well as experienced corporate professionals, patent professionals, patent analysts, and intellectual property managers. Moreover, we also welcome researchers and students, patent office representatives, patent lawyers, and all others interested in strategic patent management and analytics

We adapt our methods to meet different levels of experience and prior knowledge in our focal topics, with our multi-level educational system.

Launch of the PatentSight Academy

The PatentSight Academy was launched during the PatentSight Summit 2019 in Bonn on May 17th.

 Trend Scouting with PatentSight BI

First Seminar: Trend Scouting with PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software

Among the key tasks for competitive intelligence is the identification of new technologies for firms that have the power to disrupt incumbents and their businesses. Learn how to spot such firms or technological trends by analyzing changes in patenting structures and patterns. Conduct predictive analytics based on various case studies, to see how smart patent indicators allow to predict technological changes.



PatentSight Academy: Launch Seminar Topics

 Welcoming & Introduction of Participants (30 min)

 Session 1 (1h)

 General Introduction

 Session 2 (1h 45)

 Learning Session Trend Scouting:

 The Case of “Autonomous Driving”

 Session 3 (1h 15)

 Breakout Session Trend Scouting:

 The Case of “Blockchain”

 Wrap-Up & Certificates for Participants (15 min)


Other topics such as Benchmarking, Portfolio Management, Patent Value Measures and Patent Indicators as well as an Introduction to the PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software will be part of future PatentSight Academies.

Further information on dates and seminar topics will soon be available here.
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++++ First impressions from the Launch ++++

PatentSight Academy Quote

Picture Gallery of Launch Seminar, May 17th 2019

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PatentSight Academy Basel, Switzerland

November 13, 2019
Aeschenplatz 2
4052 Basel, Schweiz

Insights into patent analytics on Portfolio Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

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