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5th International PatentSight Summit

Academy: 13th May 2020

Conference: 14th May 2020

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PatentSight Academy

Increase your knowledge in patent analytics

PatentSight Academy Germany

Bonn, May 13, 2020

Topic: Benchmarking

PatentSight Academy Switzerland

Basel, November 13, 2019

Topic: Portfolio Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

PatentSight Academy Germany

Bonn, May 17, 2019

Topic: Trend Scouting with PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software.

PatentSight Academy Germany

Bonn, May 13, 2020

12.30 - 16.30

Topic: Benchmarking

The next PatentSight Academy will be held in Bonn, Germany, on May 13, 2020 (on the day prior to the annual PatentSight Summit). Join us for a training in patent analytics for Benchmarking in the Artificial Industry.

We will learn about the importance of detecting relevant peer groups, monitoring competitors’ patenting and R&D activities, identifying key innovation centers, assessing portfolio interrelations to spotting technological dependencies, and more. 



PatentSight Academy Switzerland

Basel, November 13, 2019

The first international PatentSight Academy took place in Basel, Switzerland, on November 13th, 2019. The Topic was Portfolio Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.
In particular, we discussed the importance of patent portfolio management, ownership and legal status information, how to assess and adjust patent portfolios, licensing options, and more. In addition to learning sessions, the participants could apply newly-learned insights by conducting some analytics in the PatentSight Business Intelligence Analytics Software.

PatentSight Academy Germany

Bonn, November 17, 2019

Topic: Trend Scouting

The PatentSight Academy was launched during the PatentSight Summit 2019 in Bonn on May 17th
The participants had a chance to get skilled in Trend Scouting within the PatentSight Business Analytics Software. In particular, they learned how to spot disruptive firms or technologies by analyzing changes in patenting structures and patterns. They also conducted predictive analytics based on various case studies (Autonomous Driving, Blockchain), to see how smart patent indicators allow to predict technological changes.


Who should attend

The PatentSight Academy is designed for anyone interested in patent analytics and the Business Intelligence Analytics Software.

This is a good opportunity for:

  • Patent professionals and analysts
  • Intellectual property managers
  • Patent office representatives
  • Patent attorneys
  • Researchers

Why attend

With our multi-level educational system, we adapt our methods to meet different levels of experience and prior knowledge.

Use this opportunity to:

  • Increase your knowledge in patent analytics
  • Operate the Business Intelligence Analytics Software
  • Interpret the patent analytics' results
  • Network with other patent professionals
  • Boost your career with customized training


Invaluable knowledge

Invaluable knowledge

With our multi-level education system, you can steadily increase your knowledge and experience in the fields of patent analytics, business value creation via patents, patent strategies, and more.

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Recognized experts

Recognized experts

The PatentSight Academy partners with a range of acknowledged patent specialists, ranging from academic speakers to leading technology company representatives, and PatentSight experts.

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Customized trainings

Customized trainings

Choose among various modes, locations, and topics. Courses on various levels are available for everyone regardless of your previous knowledge and experience.

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“Everything from the instructors, the delivery and the content to the breakout session was all well-thought out and conveyed clearly”

Dr. Sheena Zuberi
Cambridge Display Technology

“Competent, professional and nice trainers. Susann, Carsten, you did it great!”

PatentSight Academy Switzerland Participant


Choose among various topics to support your intellectual property management, patent leverage and business value creation.

Patent Analytics

Patents serve as valuable information sources in competitive and technology intelligence. Learn how to use patent indicators with rich data mined from patents for these purposes.

Patent Valuation

Patents are inherent to skewed value distributions. Learn how to discern more from less valuable patents and patent portfolios using objective patent metrics.

Patent Management and Strategy

Patent departments work on tasks like benchmarking, portfolio management, M&A target identifications, and the realization of licensing opportunities. Learn how patent data may be used for decision-making.

Technological Forecasting

Predictive analytics is employed by firms to forecast the technologies and firms that will prosper in markets. Learn how patent data delivers valuable insights into corporate foresight activities.

Innovation and Technology Management

Learn how innovation management comprises various activities, from applying creativity techniques and idea sourcing to new product development processes to the protection and marketing of inventions.

Your Topic

Meet our experts

The PatentSight Academy has been developed and is taught, both domestically and internationally, by Carsten Guderian and Dr. Susann Lüdtke.

Carsten Guderian
Carsten Guderian
Senior Project Leader

Carsten has a background in Economics and Business Administration, particularly innovation management and patent analytics. He has been affiliated with PatentSight since 2012.


+49 171 5364 429

Dr. Susann Lüdtke
Dr. Susann Lüdtke

Susann has a background in China Business and Economics, particularly innovation systems and government-business relations. She has been affiliated with PatentSight since 2018.


+49 228 76371131

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Intensive sessions in various locations, spanning one to multiple days. Usually, we opt for cities with larger innovation hubs, but also corporate partner locations.

Webinars & Online Trainings 

Online courses allow anyone to access and participate in trainings regardless of their locations, saving on time and travel budgets.

Business Breakfasts & Brown Bag Seminars

Short introductions on general as well as specialized topics, particularly use cases that depict relevance of patent analytics for strategic decision-making.

Lectureships & Guest Lectures

In addition to sharing theoretical knowledge on patent analytics, we offer practical sessions at several universities and universities of applied sciences.

Research Collaborations

Pertaining to PatentSight’s academic roots, we offer to collaborate with scholars and young professionals seeking to publish in academic journals and conferences.

Customized Trainings

Should you prefer a different format, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to jointly develop alternative settings.

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